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Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) is a means by which items can be identified, tracked, catalogued and interacted with in an array of different scenarios.

Similar in principle to bar coding, RFID works on the premise of each item, asset or location etc is fitted with an RFID Tag (a small transponder) which will emit a specific radio frequency signal that a scanner or ‘reader’ interprets into an alpha numeric code. This code can then be assigned to various items of data stored in a database.

By applying this technology to our products, we enhance the service that we can offer. Not only does the addition of RFID allow for asset management, but also for standard compliance, safety measure implementation, automatic audit trails and more.

These added benefits are achieved through installation of Read Only Low Frequency RFID tags onto the desired valve, actuator, pump, flow meter or other piece of process equipment; then using a handheld device (a PDA with built in RFID reader) and accompanying software program, these pieces of equipment or ‘Assets’ can be fully managed.

This management can take several forms:

  • Data storage, the list is almost endless, but examples include device information, specification, history, origin, cost, location in the plant and even photographs.
  • Ongoing interaction including inspection and maintenance schedules, fault logging, auditing, asset tracking and also asset value information.
  • Reports and summaries of asset activity, history, functionality, stock taking and also missing assets or maintenance requirements.
  • When carrying out inspections or maintenance checks, the software can be adapted so that on screen prompts must be adhered to in order to complete the check, ensuring that all checks comply with the relevant standards every time.

All of this management can be carried out in real time, giving fast and accurate results. With the ability to add or remove assets when necessary, your asset management will not only be up to date, but it can grow with your plant or asset register when required.

We implement our RFID products in partnership with RealTime DC, an asset management specialist company with whom we are allied. This partnership ensures that our customers benefit from the expertise and experience from both companies.

Should you want further information regarding RFID tagging, asset management or implementation of RFID in your plant, factory or other site, then please feel free to contact us.