Hydraulic Actuators | AMG Actuators Ltd

In addition to our High Quality Rack and Pinion Pneumatic actuators (which can be run on hydraulic oil) we also have a range of high quality, high performance hydraulic actuators. These actuators are heavy duty, designed for Critical Service Applications and are capable of performing in the toughest of conditions.

Some of the key features of our hydraulic actuators include:

  • A low pressure range covering 10 – 120 Bar Pressure
  • A high pressure range covering 120 – 350 Bar Pressure
  • Torque Outputs of up to 400,000 Nm
  • Rack and Pinion design giving mechanical efficiency
  • Temperature range of -18ºC – 93ºC
  • Anti Friction bearings
  • As standard available in 90º, 180º and 360º rotations

For further information on our range of hydraulic actuators, please contact us.

Please Note: Our High Quality Rack and Pinion and also High Power Scotch Yoke actuators can be run on hydraulic oil, albeit at much lower pressures than our Hydraulic specific actuators.