Manual Override | AMG Actuators Ltd

The range of Manual overrides that we offer are designed and manufactured by Dynatorque in the USA. With torque ratings up to 29,300Nm the range is extensive and capable of being applied to a wide variety of processes and instruments.

Manual Override devices are primarily intended as a safety back-up device, allowing for valve, damper or other quarter turn device operation in the event of a loss of air or power in a given plant, allowing operation of such items even when the driver, i.e. an actuator, is not responding. This also lends itself well to being used in the event of actuators being serviced.

Manual overrides have secondary uses as well. These include being used as an alternative to standard mounting kits/brackets. This substitution has a number of benefits, for example, the manual overrides tend to be much more solid and robust than conventional mounting kits. Also, they come with end stroke adjustment as standard, allowing for valve stroke angles to be varied.

Other features of our Manual Override devices include:

  • High quality, rugged design and build quality.
  • Metal to Metal safety, no reliance on electrical systems.
  • Modular design for cost efficient and effective product.
  • Sandwich mounted and suitable for retro-fit.
  • Standard operating temperature of -29oC – 66oC.
  • Suitable for installation in the field.
  • Low levels of service, lubricated for life.
  • Mounting patterns are standard ISO 5211 compliant.
  • Other variants on building materials and stroke angles are available on request.

The Dynatorque Manual Overrides come in both declutchable and non-decltchable variant, as well as a spring return and non-spring return variant. Spring return units are more suited to applications where a spring return actuator is being used and so they allow for the actuator to fail closed or fail open.

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