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Often an absolute necessity for many power stations, process plants or automated systems, control panels or cabinets bring a host of separate components together, uniting them into a single point for control and interaction with your automated system. Utilising a control cabinet can have many additional benefits.

For example, despite the introduction and now universal adoption of the Namur international standard for Solenoid Valve and Actuator mounting patterns, it can be advantageous to house any required solenoid valves in a ‘bank’ within a control panel. This reduces the cost in having to run cabling to each actuated valve. Also, by having a ‘bank’ of solenoid valves within the control panel, there is only a need for one filter regulator, one isolation valve and also reduces the number of reservoirs required. Again reducing cost, but also reducing the amount of maintenance required.

Because control panel specifications are both process and plant specific, we offer a fully bespoke design and manufacture service when it comes to control panels. Through in-depth and continuous consultation we will assist in outlining a specification suitable to your requirements. This consultation continues beyond specification, and design through to manufacture and installation.

Having experience with electro-pneumatic, fully electric and also fully pneumatic systems allows us to cater for a wide variety of industries and processes. Also, through our strategic alliance partnerships we deliver products and designs of the highest standard.

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